Our Projects


AptSafe is a user-friendly apartment hunting tool that allows college students and faculty to find apartments near campus by taking in a variety of factors, such as location to classes/research, safety of the neighborhood, and pricing history.


1st Place Fall 2020 E@B Demo Day

ArrowSpace is an academic and corporate LMS content aggregator that allows students and employees to visualize and aggregate all tasks, due dates, meetings, etc into one common space.


Bahi allows you to confidently buy and sell quality books campus-wide ensuring that you have the correct ISBN, Edition, Cover, etc. Bahi does all the admin work, promoting a more circular ecosystem where you purchase a book for one semester and can sell the book back to another student for the following semester.


$5,000 Haas Student Seed, 3rd Place @ AccelerateHer

bumpR is a digital screen on the rear of car windows that displays geofenced advertisements for companies, providing commuters and rideshare drivers a source of passive income.


CampusPool is a mobile application that matches college students looking for Uber rides, allowing users to save money through ridesharing.


Deep is a platform enabling one-one-one conversations about any topic, creating a culture of intentional conversations and meaningful connections.


2nd Place Fall 2020 E@B Demo Day

FarmCart aims to create the largest consumer to consumer marketplace for the agriculture target market, bridgin the gap between farmers and consumers and creating a more convenient, accessible way to fresh produce.


Currently Seeking $200K Funding

Funnel is an app that keeps track of all the food the you have - reminding you to eat food before it goes bad and suggesting recipes and ingredients to make your favorite meals.


Muse.it is a social music platform that expedites music discovery and sharing through 15 secs of music curation and a centralized, user friendly interface.


SturdyMind will help students build their social and emotional skills so that they can better manage their responses to difficult situations and not fall prone to issues such as anxiety, behavioral problems, drug abuse etc., utilizing SEL methodology to achieve these goals.


Univenture is a campus-based, personalized mobile app that aims to benefit college students amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by monitoring user idleness and recommending interactive activities based on geographic location and personal interest.


VR 360 is a live-streaming platform providing one-on-one or few-to-one live streaming sessions with a dedicated streamer, bringing tailor-made content and experiences.


winAR provides athletes the ability to train against realistic holograms by harnessing augmented reality, running perfect drils against customizable opponents without risking serious injury.


SkyDeck HotDesk (Spring 2019)

Wymbo is a platform providing events and opportunities to students based on their interests and their career goals, helping students at huge campuses like Cal navigate their college journey.


Yard$ale aims to dramatically improve the customer experience for buyers in sellers in the market for second hand goods.