Our mission is to provide a platform for students to exchange ideas, find potential partners, understand the start-up development process, and successfully launch a business.

Board of Directors

Michael Wu


Michael Wu is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and technology and intend to bridge the gap between engineering and business or other humanity related majors. With previous experience in his own startup and event organization, he hopes to shed new light in the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the Berkeley campus.

Ying (Emily) Wang


Emily is a senior student majoring in Economics. She is the co-founder of Entrepreneur@Berkeley. She found her passion for helping others and making impacts on others’ lives. She said, “this club can help students transform their business ideas into reality.” Before transferring to Cal, she was the senator of Student Government where she assisted in making decisions that affected school policy and club activities. Outside of school, she likes to play sport, especially table tennis. In fact, she won Women’s Singles champion in 2016 National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships.

Ashley Aikman


Ashley is a senior economics major at UC Berkeley. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and enjoys studying monetary policy. She plans to pursue a PhD in economics and hopes to one day work for the Federal Reserve. Her hope is that the students of Cal, as well as herself, build life-long relationships with professionals, professors, and other students during their time with Entrepreneurs @ Berkeley.

Raja Riahi


Raja is a senior at Berkeley Haas School of Business. In 2012, he co-founded a boutique non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. He is also serving as the only undergraduate representative in Academic Freedom Committee at UC Berkeley Academic Senate. He is passionate about positive social changes, and he believes that entrepreneurs play a significant role in social reforms. As one of the founders of the club, he is eager to create a platform where entrepreneurial minds of UC Berkeley get together for many years to come to shape the future of the world.

Committee Members

Katherine Zhao


Melissa Tantiono


Neil Qiao


Enrique Santos


Clark Wang


Rimika Banerjee




Jorge Calderon

Leah Edwards

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